Apprenticeship at SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG
Eight young adults start their apprenticeship at SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG this year.
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Successful gearbox exchange on wind turbines
of the latest generation
One of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers relies on SCHAAF's GripCon joining technology for the drive train connection between the main shaft and the gearbox.
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China's wind power industry relies on SCHAAF technology
China will set a new record for offshore wind farms in the next few years. Another Chinese wind turbine manufacturer relies on the expertise from Erkelenz for smooth and rapid installation at sea.
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Strong upswing despite pandemic
Despite the tense economic situation, SCHAAF looks to the future with optimism. Due to the high demand and number of orders for newly developed products for the wind power and shipbuilding industries, investments were made in additional and more powerful production machines in addition to the expansion of the production area through Plant 2.
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Further development and design of a flange connection element for increased bore offset
The "GripCon" connection element developed by SCHAAF is the ideal solution when large forces in a flange connection have to be transmitted in the radial direction and additional forces in the axial direction.
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SCHAAF in action for the environment
SCHAAF is constantly growing, from the extension of the production and storage facilities to further expansion of the international customer network.
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Expansion of the SCHAAF facilities by a further 3.000 m²
Due to the high demand for product innovations and the increasing order intake, SCHAAF was once again required to rethink the production facility at its headquarters in Germany.
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SCHAAF safety and hygiene concept - Protection against the corona virus
The health protection of all SCHAAF employees is an integral part of corporate responsibility towards employees and their families.
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MDS and Bolt tension for offshore wind turbine
In May of 2018, SCHAAF received the order for the delivery of MDS (mounting documentation system) and smart bolt tensioner for offshore wind turbine assembly.
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The next step - New claim sets the course for the future
"Leading joining technology"
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News 10/2019 SCHAAF – Product innovations at HUSUM WIND 2019
Participation in the trade fair was a great success for SCHAAF.
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News 09/2019 Apprenticeship at SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG
Sixteen young adults start their apprenticeship at SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG this year.
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News 08/2019 SCHAAF supports cooperative engineering education (KIA) specializing mechatronics
With the background of increasing complexity of solutions developed by SCHAAF for customers, SCHAAF has hired a trainee in cooperative engineering education (KIA) specializing in mechatronics on 08/2019, who is studying at the University of Applied Sciences
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50.000 operational hours, 300 meters below sea level – SCHAAF keeps their promises.
For the first ever underwater gas-compressor system in the world, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG received the order to deliver the tensioned flange-lid of the compressor.
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SCHAAF high pressure sports
On the 09.05.2019 and for already the third time a total of 10 runners from SCHAAF took part in the B2Run company run at the sports park of the Aachener Soers.
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GLOBAL Hydro Energy Letter of recommendation
GLOBAL Hydro is a worldwide leading specialist for small and medium hydro power technology and is specialized in Kaplan-, Pelton- and Francis-turbines.
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Completion of successful project
of the world-wide largest drop forging presses in underfloor design After over 3,500 hours, SCHAAF has completed its work on the world-wide largest drop forging press in underfloor design successfully.
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Exhibitions in September 2018
Successfully participation for SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG
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Patented products and processes by SCHAAF help machines be safer and more profitable.
TTG and MMDS Mobile Mounting Documentation System.
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The early bird gets the buns
In the beginning of June 2018, the regularly recurring “EARLY BIRDS – technology-breakfast”, organized by WFG Heinsberg, took place at SCHAAF headquarters in Erkelenz.
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B2Run Aachen 2018
On 26th April 2018, 21 runners from SCHAAF participated for the second time at the B2Run in Aachen This time 2672 athletes from 277 companies took part.
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Another laser marking system has successfully been put into operation
In the middle of the year 2017, SCHAAF successfully put another laser marking system into operation at their site in Erkelenz.
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SCHAAF successfully is part of second section
The continued assembly of one of the world's largest underfloor-die-forging presses was successfully achieved by lowering the 7-segmented middle piece, with a total weight of approx. 2,500 tons.
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Successful oil press fit disassembly
In October 2017, SCHAAF received the order from a renowned mechanical engineering industry to loosen an inaccurately jointed oil press fit with a diameter of Ø800 mm.
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Worldwide successful assembly of GripLoc couplings
In August 2017 several shipyard requested SCHAAF to supervise and carry out the assembly of GripLoc systems on the shaft trains of multiple ships. Within four weeks 20 different GripLoc couplings were successfully tensioned.
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Apprenticeship at SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG
Four young adults start their apprenticeship at SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG this year.
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B2Run Aachen 2017
On 04th May 2017, 19 female and male runners from SCHAAF participated at the second B2Run in Aachen. The cross-country running track with a distance of 5.2 km, had in total 2718 participants from 260 different companies and organisations participated.
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SCHAAF successfully accompanies first phase
In August 2015 SCHAAF received the order for engineering and delivering of 440 hydraulic (Hydraulic Nuts, Bolt Tensioners) and mechanical single tensioning systems (MSN) in the dimensions of M30 to S1000 for one of the world’s largest closed-die hydraulic forging presses in pit-mounted-design.
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SCHAAF MSN for 6-level storage pump
In April 2016, SCHAAF received the order from Andritz AG in Graz, to deliver several Multiple Stud Nuts and ExpaTen bolts for the machinery use Oschenik 1 in the power plant Innerfragant in Carinthia, Austria.
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SCHAAF ExpaTen ETC for steam turbine
SCHAAF and SCHAAF Service finished the large retrofit program successfully to replace the reamer bolts by ETC ExpaTen bolts.
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SCHAAF GripLoc & SCHAAF ExpaTen for luxury cruise ship
SCHAAF GripLoc and SCHAAF ExpaTen successfully establish themselves more and more in ship technology, and therfore, shipping and ship building will soon be unthinkable without.
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SCHAAF ExpaTen for “Mein Schiff 5” and “Mein Schiff 6”
Just as with the previous models of the “Mein Schiff” series the latest ships “Mein Schiff 5” and “Mein Schiff 6”, again include the proven technology of SCHAAF ExpaTen bolts.
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SCHAAF as premium sponsor at public EURO live broadcast in Erkelenz
SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG is proud partner and premium sponsor of public viewing events in the city of Erkelenz.
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New World Record
SCHAAF received the order for the largest bolt tensioner ever built.
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SCHAAF ExpaTen for Well Intervention Vessel
SCHAAF ExpaTen bolts successfully installed for both sister ships „Siem Helix 1“ and „Siem Helix 2“.
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SCHAAF ExpaTen chosen for LNG powered ro-ro
Set to operate in the Bass Strait near Tasmania, when delivered this SeaRoad vessel will be the world’s first ‘Freight Only’ ro-ro vessel to be powered using LNG fuel.
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Order from SMS Meer GmbH to SCHAAF for the delivery of parts for a forging press
After many years of preliminary work in design, process engineering and sales, on August 13th 2015, SCHAAF received the order from the long-time customer SMS Meer GmbH to deliver numerous ExpaTen Bolts, Bolt Tensioners and Multiple Stud Nuts.
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SCHAAF ExpaTen to be used on the largest container vessels ever built!!
Built at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea for the G6 ship owner OOCL, the ‘World Record Breaking’ giants of the sea will have a 21,100 TEU Capacity.
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SCHAAF products for Offshore converter platform „DolWin gamma“
Short time ago, the manufacturing of the converter platform „DolWin gamma“ began, where Schaaf products are essential. Meanwhile, this is the fourth platform of this kind.
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SCHAAF offers MSN – join us!
Since its foundation in 1977, SCHAAF stands for design and manufacturing of high-quality and superior hydraulic high-pressure tools for special applications.
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Exhibitions in September 2014
September 2014 was a very successfully month for SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG. Our participation in the SMM and WindEnergy in Hamburg as well as the EFRC in Vienna lead to numerous new business contacts and enquiries.
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Largest Bolt Tensioner built by SCHAAF
In February, SCHAAF received the order from a German press manufacturer to build the so far largest Bolt Tensioner with a thread size of NIE770x55.
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Professional SCHAAF performance leads to follow-up orders
Already in February 2012, SCHAAF received the orders for the offshore converter platforms HelWin Alpha und BorWin Beta.
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GripLoc couplings and shaft connections
ExpaTen flange connections of ship shafts
In January 2014, SCHAAF received the order from a large shipyard to equip a cruise liner with ExpaTen bolts and GripLoc couplings.
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ExpaTen flange connections of ship shafts
In 2013, SCHAAF has received the order from Rolls-Royce AB, Sweden, to provide ships with ExpaTen bolts.
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Expaten flange connection of ship shafts
In July 2013 SCHAAF received another order for ExpaTen bolts from a Chinese joint venture
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GripLoc couplings and shaft connections - ExpaTan flange connections of ship shafts
In July 2013 SCHAAF received the order for supplying coupling elements of the main drive trains of two cruise ships from the VIKING group.
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International company from the energy industry certificates SCHAAF
The company SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG from Erkelenz has been audited, certified and awarded by the worldwide operating company Alstom.
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SCHAAF Taicang Co. Ltd. with new headquarter
Already six years ago, SCHAAF has realised the importance of the location China and confirmed it with the establishment of an own branch office in Shanghai.
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Formation of SCHAAF Service GmbH
In January 2013, SCHAAF Service GmbH, starts its business operations. SCHAAF Service GmbH focuses on all sorts of service-activities for SCHAAF customers.
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Bolt Tensioners for two pressurised water reactors
In July 2012, SCHAAF received the order to deliver Bolt Tensioners of different designs including accessories for two pressurised water reactors with an overall performance of 2x1000MW, which are going to be completed 2015/2016 in the Chinese province Guangxi.
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Ring Tensioning Device RSV for BASF
The content of the BASF order for SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG was to fasten a reactor cover with a diameter of more than 2 metres with twenty-four bolts (M120x6 / M80x6) using a Ring Tensioning Device. The Ring Tensioning Device consists of 24 Bolt Tensioners, which are mounted onto a supporting ring.
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Shorter decision making processes
Nowadays, our customers and suppliers expect shorter and faster decisions. Due to the expansion of the company and the extension in Taicang (China), SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG needs to meet the requirements.
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MSN – Multiple Stud Nut
Offshore Projects
February 2012 saw SCHAAF receiving a huge order from a global leader in the high-tech shipbuilding industry to secure two platforms in Borkum and Heligoland in the North Sea. The platforms are a part of the offshore windparks HelWin and BorWin in the eastern North Sea.
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SSV and HDE3000-BK
Bolt tensioning device
In November 2011 SCHAAF got the order from a world leading wind turbine manufacturer. The delivery includes bolt tensioners M30 and M36 with HDE3000 for installation of 3MW wind turbine gearbox in the workshop.
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GripLoc couplings and shaft connections
ExpaTen Flange connections of ship shafts
At the end of 2011, SCHAAF received two large contracts from Schottel, one of the world's leading manufacturer of drives and control systems for ships and offshore applications in Germany to supply GripLoc couplings and ExpaTen bolts.
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Mounting Documentation System (MDS) for MAN Augsburg
Just as with MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Oberhausen and MAN Diesel & Turbo China Production in Changzhou in 2010, SCHAAF received an order for a Mounting Documentation System (MDS) with integrated Tool Management System (TMS) from MAN in Augsburg in the middle of 2011.
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Mounting device for bearing assembly
Special tool for the assembly of anti-friction bearings
In August 2011, SCHAAF was asked to supply a special device for inserting anti-friction bearings into wind turbines.
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10. 2011  
Fully automatic bolt tensioners using robots
In April 2011 SCHAAF received an order from one of the world´s leading windmill manufacturers for the delivery of bolt tensioning devices which can be operated fully automatic by means of robot. These are used for the assembly of rotor flange connections.
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05. 2011  
STG - Electro-hydraulic dual-circuit high-pressure controlling system
In April SCHAAF received the order of one of the world’s biggest transmission system manufacturers to deliver an electro-hydraulic dual-circuit high-pressure controlling system STG including miscellaneous Hydraulic Nuts and the complete tool equipment. Due to the STG and the Hydraulic Nut (HM) the client is able to slide cog wheels onto conical shafts fully automatic, repeatable and recorded. Thus, he can increase precision and reliability of his transmission systems.
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03. 2011  
GripLoc – premiere in XXL
In February 2011, SCHAAF received the order from Fincantieri to deliver GripLoc couplings for the connection of main drive traces of two passenger ships. These are built by Fincantieri for the Carnival Group. They are the largest and most luxurious cruisers ever built by Fincantieri.
02. 2011  
Award from MAN Diesel & Turbo SE for SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG
19 February 1979, SCHAAF Hydraulik Spanntechnik received the first order of GHH Sterkrade, today’s MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. 08 February 2011, the first Supplier Meeting Days took place and today’s SCHAAF Leading joining technology was awarded for BEST IN TECHNOLOGY
10. 2010  
GripLoc – premiere in the navy sector
In October 2010, SCHAAF received the order from Fincantieri to deliver GripLoc couplings for the connection of main drive traces of several ships. In this case, they are Stealth patrol ships for the United Arab Emirates of 55m length and 8.6m width. The drive results from two separate drive traces.
03. 2010  
"Did you know, that…" – New advertising campaign in the region
With the beginning of the last year, AGIT launched their new advertising campaign for the region of Aachen.
12. 2009  
GripLoc Shaft connection
In March 2009 SCHAAF received the order to deliver GripLoc couplings for the connection of the two main drive traces of a ferry.
11. 2009  
Foundation-plate-connection of a open-die-forging press
In june 2008 SCHAAF received the order to deliver 20 ExpaTen Bolts to join the three foundation parts of an open-die-forging press.
10. 2009  
Large scale operation for Mounting Documentation System (MDS)
In June 2009 SCHAAF got the order from one of China's largest engine manufacturers for the delivery of the mounting tools of the MAN engine type L 32/40.
05. 2009  
Tensioning multi-part backup rollers using STG 3000-3K and SSV
In August 2008, SCHAAF received an order from an Italian smithy company to supply all the equipment needed to tension two multi-part backup rollers, of previously unseen dimensions, which were developed and patent-registered by SMS Siemag.
02. 2009  
SCHAAF wins large order for powertrain connections for two aircraft carriers.
In October Thales UK signed the contract with Rolls Royce, Converteam and L-3 Marine Systems for the supply of the power and drive management for the two largest and most powerful new Royal Navy aircraft carriers.
11. 2008  
Section 3 and 4
Have a live view on the new production an office extension building with the estimated finish 04/2009 and 08/2009.
9. 2008  
On 04.08.2008 we made an essential step towards the global orientation of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG in Shanghai, China. With immediate effect, SCHAAF is represented in China twice: in Shanghai with a branch office in charge of entire China and in Shenzhen.
7. 2008  
Contract awarded for heavy-duty lathe!
11th June 2008 saw the signing a new sales contract for a heavy-duty lathe with a 1,800mm swing diameter over bed (1,520mm over cross-slide) and an overall length of 10m.
3. 2008  

After a record high number of incoming orders in May 2007 was topped in September 2007, this number was surpassed yet again in February 2008 by 45%.
The total number of incoming orders is currently 73% higher than in the previous year.

12. 2007  
Marintec China, November 2007 –
A huge success
SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG has taken part from 27 to 30.11.2007 for the first time in the special trade fair for ship construction in Shanghai China.
10. 2007  
After three years of extremely intensive preparatory work SCHAAF Germany has scored a tremendous success at this year’s Kormarine Exhibition in cooperation with its Korean representative.  
08. 2007  
Investment for the future
On 01.08.2007 four further apprentices have started their future careers as machine mechanics at SCHAAF. In total, 14 youths are currently completing their apprenticeships at SCHAAF.
05. 2007  
Tensioning of two extruder presses in record time
Two horizontal extruder presses, each with two tie-rods and a capacity of 5MN and 10MN (500t and 1000t) respectively, were tensioned using SCHAAF bolt tensioners.
01. 2007  
At the end of December 2006 the MAX AICHER Group awarded SCHAAF the contract for 8pc EcoRolls for the H12 and H13 rolling mill structures.  
11. 2006  
Two new 5-axis machining centres
In August and October of this year, two new 5-axis machining centres from the German machine manufacturer MATEC were put into operation at SCHAAF.
10. 2006  
SMM 2006, Hamburg
Once again, the most important trade fair for the shipbuilding industry (SMM) was a great success for SCHAAF. Visitor numbers increased compared to last year’s fair.
04. 2006  
SCHAAF ExpaTen Bolts for Container Ships
In March 2006, the Aker Yards Germany shipyards in Wismar and Rostock-Warnemünde delivered the container ship type BALTIC CS 2700, which fulfils the latest international requirements, to the ship owner Schoeller Holdings Ltd.
01. 2006  
Move to new manufacturing facility
Even before the Christmas holidays, the move to SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG’s new manufacturing facility will be virtually completed.
Successful Participation in Trade Fairs in 2005
In the past year, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG has been an exhibitor at two trade fairs.
12. 2005  
Company reorganization
In order to be well prepared for the future, the management has decided to change the legal form of our company to a partnership, i.e., to SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG, with effect from 1st January, 2006.
10. 2005  
Ring-type pretensioning device for COGNIS delivered (and installed) in record time
The COGNIS Group, a global supplier of innovative products in the specialty chemicals sector, whose major customers include the detergents and cleaning products industry, the nutrition and health industry, as well as a number of other branches of industry, such as paints and coatings, awarded SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG the order to construct a ring-type pretensioning device for the cover of a hydrogenation reactor for the COGNIS Malaysia production facility.
08. 2005  
SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG at CONAC 2005 in Mexico
From November 13 – 15, 2005, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG will present EcoRolls – the cost effective compound roll in the production of wire rod – and A-LOC, the axial roll ring locking system for standard roll rings.
06. 2005  
Ground-breaking Ceremony for third Company Extension
Within not even 20 years SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG extends its manufacturing facilities after 1988 and 1999 in this year by further 1,800 m2. The removal of machinery should be finished already in the middle of October 2005.
04. 2005  
SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG attends KORMARINE in Busan from 05.–08.10.2005. The fair KORMARINE was founded in 1980 and takes place every two years. Meanwhile it is the second largest fair for conventional shipbuilding and its suppliers.
05. 2004  
Worldwide biggest Drop Forge Press disassembled. First-time a 12.000 t drop forge press was disassembled with biggest single tensioning device ever built.  
12. 2003  
In December 2003, the certificate was issued according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000  
Christmas Tree tensioning 2003  
A lot of fun when looking the animation!
Happy Christmas and a good start into the New Year from your SCHAAF-Team
23. - 27. 09. 2003  
HUSUMWIND - Trade Fair
SCHAAF Company presents their newest systems and products from Hydraulic High Pressure Tools up to ExpaTen Bolts especially for the area wind energy at HUSUMWIND
Hall 3 - Stand B305
Info: www.messehusum.de
Am Messeplatz 16 - 18
25813 Husum

Come and visit us!
We are glad to have been selected as model enterprise for an information trip...  
World novelty
A-LOC Roll Ring Locking System
The new A-LOC removable axial roll ring locking system is an optimum, highly efficient method of mounting roll rings free of any tensile stress. An important feature...
WPM Woschnik + Partner
After development work lasting almost a year, the follow-on order was issued for the supply of an hydraulic actuated clamping system for one of the world's largest cutting and creasing machine manufacturers....
German Rocket Company trusts in SCHAAF
astrium GmbH (former DASA) equips test stand for rocket engine with SCHAAF Hydraulic Nuts ...
SCHAAF presents:
SMM Hamburg, 24. - 28. September 2002
Highlights Innovation 2002
Revolution in ship- building:
SCHAAF connects the shaft lines of the very latest fast ferry.
100 ExpaTen bolts supplied to the Italian shipyard FINCANTIERI.
Composite roll with tungsten carbide discs from now on as a system solution...
World's largest bolt tensioner for the biggest hammer-forging press ever built...
SCHAAF develops automatic assembly documentation system for axial pretensioning...
April 2001  
Hannover Fair 2001
22. - 28. 04. 2001
SCHAAF shows the presentation of a completely new sample ...
KAWASAKI rationalizes with SCHAAF Hydraulic Nuts ...
Review for the SMM in Hamburg
Great success for SCHAAF at the SMM ...
September 2000  
The Fair SMM 2000 stands in front of our door
visit us from 26. - 30. September on our booth 1175a in hall 1, OG
... more here
September 2000  
Success for SCHAAF in Export
2 new Continuous Casting Lines equipped.
DANIELI of Búttrio in Italy has awarded SCHAAF with the orders for equipping 2 new continuous casting lines.
... more here
April 2000  
Attention please !
From now on, only one address applies to all departments of our company.
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January 2000  
Just on time with moving our manufacturing and assembly departments into the new premises we received a bulk order ...
... more here
December 1999  
Changed Address
Please change your existing data in your bookkeeping and other systems to our new address.
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