The advantages of generating pure axial pre-tension using pressures up to 4000 bar (SSV and HM)

  • Torsion-free generation of tension force – Economical use of bolt material capacity
    A bolt is designed to hold two or more components together. Axial bolt elongation is the only force at work here. Torsion, which is generated, due to friction in the threads and in the support surface, by using torque wrenching methods, means only unnecessary weaking of the components. This requires stronger bolt connections. This disadvantage is no longer existing when using SCHAAF SSV and HM to generate the axial pre-tension. This increases the economic utilisation factor. Axial tension force has been attained by using SCHAAF SSV and HM for bolts with a thread diameter from 8 mm to over 800 mm.

  • Maximum accuracy
    Since the pre-tension is purely axial and only varies by -4% maximum, bolts can be tightened up to the yield strength of the material used. An integrated displacement transducer even allows tensioning beyond the elastic limit.

  • Increased safety
    Due to the purely axial bolt tensioning force applied and as the safety factors given in bolt calculation instructions come down to a minimum, bolts can be higher tensioned for the same bolt thread cross section. The connection is more secure.

  • Frictionless application of tensioning force
    Due to the purely axial bolt tensioning force applied, the main nut (SSV) or the locking nut (HM) can be threaded without effort or friction up to the flange. This completely eliminates the problem of chewing of the threads with a fine pitch or of bolt connections made of austenitic steel. For large bolt connections the calculated total torque is dependant, by more than 90% on the amount of friction. Estimated coefficients of friction for torque from µ = 0.08 to µ = 0.35 (a tensioning difference of around 400%) are now a thing of the past.

  • Capability to start simultaneous tensioning at multiple points
    „Crossover-tightening“ of several bolts at several points is no longer necessary, since SCHAAF SSV and HM offer the possibility of tightening all the bolt connections simultaneously with exactly the same tensioning force. This also applies when increasing the tensioning force.

  • Start of tensioning independently of tensioning path
    As opposed to thermal screw starting procedures, SCHAAF SSV and HM make it possible to eliminate different gaps between individual components. Each bolt can be tensioned with exactly the same force and not over the same distance!

  • Quickest test capability at any time
    SCHAAF SSV and HM make it possible to apply a residual tensioning force by means of test force stress application in order to determine if any settling of the screw may occur, and if so, to eliminate it.

  • Universal application
    With a compact unit and the ability to interchange the component parts relating to the size of the bolt, SCHAAF SSV can also be used for other thread sizes.

  • Saving of time
    SSV and HM will dramatically save time required for tensioning applications. This effect increases for higher tensioning forces, larger bolt thread diameters and also the installation of several SCHAAF SSV or HM. Time savings up to 99% are possible! It is no longer necessary to apply large torque by hand. There is a number of handling features available, designed to make work easier with SCHAAF Bolt Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts, especially when it comes to large dimensions.