Suitable for turbine manufacturing

The SCHAAF Mounting Documentation System (MDS) is controlled by a digital database that is specific to each turbine installation. All process data are accessed from the digital database and the entire tightening procedure is documented - even in the case of stepwise increase of the pre-tightening force. Operation is carried out by the separate remote control unit and can be performed from great distances due to its large display. Pressurisation to the specified values can be effected very rapidly because the SCHAAF high pressure equipment has a very high rated flow capacity.

MDS for use on a turbine.
Tightening sequence and stepwise
pre-tightening force is
specified by the MDS.

Design variants

MDS can be provided with the following options:

  • Colour or B+W printer
  • Radio-operated remote controller with display
  • LAN/W-LAN/USB interface
  • Remote access for remote maintenance
  • TMS interface (Tool Management System)
  • TSI interface (Tool Service Indicator)
  • Radio-operated sensors
  • Sensors integrated to the bolt tensioner or supplied separately
  • Central specification of bolting data via SAP interface, database, USB interface or copy and paste
  • 1-3K design type for independent and separate control of multiple pressure circuits
  • Rotation angle and torque control for bolt tensioner with motorised re-tightening function
  • Optional colour coding of the used equipment


Design variants

Wind power industry Engine manufacturing Turbine manufacturing
Areas of Application

SCHAAF MDS is ideally suited for:

  • Generating a bolt pre-tensioning force for which 100% operational sequencing, safety and data logging are required.
  • Engine-building: Main bearing, connecting rod bearing, cylinder head
  • Power plants: e.g. Turbines, compressors
  • Ring gear bolt connections: e.g. wind power plants
  • Tower fittings: e.g. crane construction
  • General mechanical engineering


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