The distinguishing feature of the Bolt Tensioner of product group 1 is that the cylinder-piston-set is placed over a recessed bolt thread and that, then, a tension nut is screwed down to the stop face of the piston.

Main Features


  • single-stage
  • tension nut
  • for recessed bolt threads

Advantages of PG
  • SSV simple to place, thus short set-up times
  • short spindle path of nut due to recessed tension thread
  • easy handling because of low weight of tension nut
    when screwing on and off

Examples of Applications
  • where a quick and easy handling is necessary
  • where remote handling is necessary
  • where austenitic screw materials are used
  • container construction
  • pipeline construction

more SSV

We distinguish our Bolt Tensioners into 8 different product groups (designs)
which, in principle, have all the same function.