Hydraulic Nut PG 13
The distinguishing feature of the Hydraulic Nuts of product group 13 is that several Hydraulic Nuts are arranged within or on a ring structure or alike and that, thus, several bolts can be tensioned at the same time.

Main Features


  • single-stage
  • replaces flange
  • mechanical locking
  • cylinder and piston are firmly attached, firmly
    screwed to or integrated into a ring or plate
  • simultaneous pressurization of all HM

Advantages of PG
  • optimum way of generating the same pre-tensioning force
    in all screws simultaneously
  • shortest set-up times

Examples of Applications
  • wherever precisely the same pre-tensioning forces must be
    generated in all screws simultaneously and where shortest possible
    assembly or disassembly times are required
  • pump construction
  • extruders
  • high-speed couplings in container, instrument and engineering

More Hydraulic Nuts

We distinguish our Hydraulic Nuts into 5 different product groups (designs)
which, in principle, have all the same function.