Economical connection of hubs and shafts,
without the need for parallel keys

The SCHAAF ExpaHub can be used anywhere where a flange or a hub with a cylindrical ID has to be mounted on a shaft. Both conical sleeves between the flange or hub and the shaft are pressed together using a hydraulic tool, thereby generating the required radial compressive forces.

  • Lowering of costs, since the flange has not to be forged on shafts or axles, respectively lowering of material and chipping costs
  • High torque transmission, completely free from backlash
  • Separate, removable Hydraulic Nut – only one for a number
    of couplings
  • Torsionally and flexurally rigid connection even with sudden
    changes in the rotational speed, torque, or direction of rotation
  • ExpaHub can be removed simply and quickly even after years of use
  • Reusability after removal – helps reduce costs