The distinguishing feature of the Bolt Tensioners of product group 6 is that a tension bolt and a tension nut transmit the pretensioning force to the bolt to be pretensioned. In most cases it is of multistage design, i.e., several cylinder-piston-units are placed one behind the other.

Main Features


  • single- or multi-stage
  • lengthened bolt for continuous or recessed bolt threads

Advantages of PG
  • short thread overhang of bolt
  • maximum pre-tensioning force at smallest outer diameter
  • can be used for other thread sizes, by replacing
    components, which depend on thread size

Examples of Applications
  • whenever generation of large pre-tensioning forces
    should be as close as possible to sealing boundaries
  • when the hydraulic head must protrude over extra high interfering
    lines and the screw should not be lengthened
  • turbine construction

More SSV

We distinguish our Bolt Tensioners into 8 different product groups (designs)
which, in principle, have all the same function.