Hydraulic Nut PG 9
The distinguishing feature of the Hydraulic Nuts of product group 9 is that an axial force is produced by hydraulic pressure and is maintained for a reasonably long period of time.

Main Features


  • single-stage
  • also used to generate axial displacement forces
  • pressure remains in HM after pre-tensioning
  • pressure medium: oil or grease
  • annular piston

Advantages of PG
  • hydraulic pre-tensioning force application for short bolt threads
  • light construction type

Examples of Applications
  • universally applicable
  • calibration equipment, machine saws, shears
  • general engineering
  • slide on bearings
  • mounting of conical sleeves

More Hydraulic Nuts

We distinguish our Hydraulic Nuts into 5 different product groups (designs)
which, in principle, have all the same function.