ExpaTen 2
Ideal flange connection for misaligned flange bores
and / or unequal bore diameters


calculations of the
turning angle and the
mounting process,
including documentation.


ExpaTen 2 is the further development of ExpaTen and thus offers all the advantages for the ideal flange connection and additionally:

  • Adjustment of position errors of bores up to 2 mm
  • Adjustment of diameter tolerances of bores up to 0.5 mm
  • No need for combined bore adaption of both flange bores when mounting
  • Cost-saving due to reduced mounting and dismounting time
  • Simple and quick installation and removal of ExpaTen 2,
    as well, even after years of use - nearly unlimited times
  • Reusable after removal, again and again is also
    warranted with ExpaTen 2 - no sparebolts required



The standard version of the SCHAAF ExpaTen comprises the following components:

  • Tapered Bolt and Conical Sleeve of high-strength
    quenched and tempered steel for maximum shear
    strength and axial load capacity
  • Two ultra-high-strength Round Nuts
  • Fine thread for maximum fatigue strength
  • Pressure connection bore and pressure distribution
    grooves on the taper for easy removal of the
    Tapered Bolt

Areas of Application

SCHAAF ExpaTen Bolts are the optimum solution wherever high forces (torques) must be transmitted and, at the same time, easy removal must be ensured. For example ship drive shafts, powerplants, crushers, steel
and non steel mills and windturbines.


ExpaTen 2 can be used for

  • Inner bores which are exactly centric to another
  • Maximum misalignment of 2 mm
  • Different bore diameters in the flanges
  • Different diameters and misalignment of the bores in the flanges

Quality Assurance

All ExpaTen Bolts are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy, correct functioning and load-resistance. During order execution, they are subject to continuous quality assurance measures and are supplied together with detailed technical documentation.



ExpaTen Bolts are, of course, supplied packaged, ready
for installation and use.

SCHAAF ExpaTen Bolts are user-friendly, reliable, and manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated
staff would be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our works, in mounting and dismantling the bolts.

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