The optimum component connection
Cost reducing Powerful Unique


SCHAAF is certified in accordance with
DIN EN ISO 9001 and, in addition, fulfils
all requirements of all classification societies.


Due to expansion and interlocking of the sleeve into the bore surfaces, the following advantages are given compared to normal bolt connections:

  • No nuts for flange connections, thus significant cost reduction
  • An approximate 50 % weight reduction
  • Lower manufacture investment for significantly less connection elements
  • No more thread cutting in stud holes necessary
  • No protruding threads or nuts better design and higher efficiency of rotation machines
  • No conventional bolt connection elements
  • Significant mounting time reduction because of less connection elements
  • Significant less mounting and dismounting space needed
  • 100 % form fit and frictional connection anytime after mounting, no slipping of flanges
  • Simple and quick installation and removal of GripCon even after years of use
  • Reusability after removal again and again no spare parts necessary
  • Torsion and bend-proof connection even with sudden changes of rotational speed, the torque or the direction of rotation respectively load
  • No more seized bolts, no more shrinking of over size bolts necessary
  • High torque and shear force transmission completely free from backlash with additional axial force transmission in smallest installation spaces



The standard version of the SCHAAF GripCon comprises the following components:

  • Tapered Bolt and Conical Sleeve of high-strength quenched and tempered steel for maximum shear strength and axial load capacity
  • Conical Sleeve with friction value maximised outer lateral area
  • Pressure connection bore and pressure distribution grooves on the taper for easy removal and mounting of the Tapered Bolt

Areas of Application

SCHAAF GripCon are the optimum solution wherever high forces (axial and radial) must be transmitted in smallest construction spaces and, at the same time, easy removal must be ensured, for example ship drive shafts, flywheel fixings for large motors, gear box manufacturing, heavy equipment manufacturing and wind power plants.


Quality Assurance

All GripCon are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy, correct functioning and load-resistance. During order execution, they are subject to continuous quality assurance measures and are supplied together with detailed technical documentation.



GripCon are, of course, supplied packaged, ready for installation and use. SCHAAF GripCon are user-friendly, reliable, and manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated staff would be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our works, in mounting and dismantling the bolts.

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