• Expansion of the production facility by 3,000 mē (Werk 2)


  • Comprehensive expansion and renovation of the joinery


  • Various new product developments and patent applications
    Establishment of an external warehouse
    Certification according to DIN ISO 9001: 2005


  • Creation of the website in "French" language
    Create SCHAAF corporate video via the website and YouTube
    SCHAAF product animations on YouTube


  • Implementation of the SCHAAF Product Support Channel.

  • Expansion of assembly stations and test stands in production
    Creation of the website in "Spanish" language.

  • Purchase of a new double-spindle turning and milling
    centre for complete machining of construction parts    
  • Purchase of a laser marking machine 
  • 19 employees were certified after an international
    offshore training in Rotterdam  


  • Establishment of SCHAAF Service GmbH.
  • Extension of production facilities in Taicang, China to 1,500 mē.
  • For the first time, the count of employees exceeds 120.


  • Graduated in business Frank Ebel, Graduate Engineer
  • Martin Kamp and Stefan Thoenes receive power of procuration
  • Relocation SCHAAF Taicang into new production facilities and office with overall 3,000 sqm


  • Award from MAN Diesel & Turbo SE for SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG


  • Establishment of SCHAAF (Taicang) Co. Ltd and move in the new  production facility
    with 700 m² area in Taicang, China


  • Expansion of the local capacity from 4,000 square meters up to overall 7,000 square meters, cut into 3,200 square meters for office and social rooms and 3,800 square meters for production facilities.


  • Purchase of a new lathe for parts Ø 1,800 x.10,000 mm length
  • Assignment for planning the extension of production and office facilities by approx. 2,800m²
  • Translation of complete homepage into Chinese and schaaf.cn


  • Expansion of the distribution network at Middle East
  • Purchase of two new MATEC-30 HV 5-axis machining centres


  • Conversion of SCHAAF GmbH into SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG
  • Re-design of the appearance
  • Procurement of an FEM parameter calculation software
  • Procurement of two further processing centres


Extension of the company building to more than 4,000 m². With the extension of the production hall and the increase of the existing building, SCHAAF GmbH can cope with the increased requirements.
With the new construction, the following areas have been extended:


  • CNC production area with new
    CNC high-tech machines
  • Joiners' shop with CNC timber processing machine
  • Sales, Commercial Department and Development
  • IT area
  • Production planning
  • Welding area
  • Test centre
  • Surface treatment
  • Realisation of FEM on demand

  • Procurement of a CAM software, which automatically produces all the processing programmes in combination with Design on Demand
  • Change to production partly with fitting cost optimisation
  • New development of hydraulic high-pressure accessories up to 4,000 bar


In 2003, there was the repeated award of the certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. This quality seal certifies that we have a matured quality management system from sales via product development, production and purchasing right down to service.

  • The Design on Demand project was started in construction, making completely automatic production of drawings possible
  • Procurement of further CNC processing machines


  • Certification of the work shop by BUREAU VERITAS (Works APPROVAL)
  • Delivery of the ExpaTen Bolts with full success

In order to fulfil the steadily growing demand for SCHAAF products, the production is expanded with full determination. This is reflected by the following investments:

    • Purchase of a fully automatic sawing centre
    • Extension of the turning capacity by 2 new CNC lathes
    • Expansion of the structural engineering workshop
    • Expansion of the joiner's workshop
    • Installation of a paint shop

    In the meantime, the company has a workforce of 55. Not least, the growth of the company is based on its high innovation power. .... see the News.


In this year we were happy to get this not planned award to Top Business Site. In 2001 only 3% of all German websites are certificated with this award.

  • ExpaTen Bolts are developed, tested and taken into production. They serve to connect powerful shafts. Initial order from Italy for a fast ferry.
  • Type Approval of ExpaTen Bolts by BUREAU VERITAS.
  • Commissioning of our big test stand, test forces up to 5,500 kN. This test stand enables to produce a simulation of force, displacement, pressure, temperature, time and stroke as individual parameters. Measuring and recording of relevant results for up to three parameters at the same time


In the spring time of the new millennium, all departments moved to the new headquarter.

Neues Firmengebäude - Fertigungshalle-2
Vision of possible final building (2000)

  • Shortly after moving in: Extending the manufacturing capacity of our turnery. Also, a NC marking machine is bought in.

  • Strengthening our co-operation with the manufacturers of big diesel engines.
  • Renewal of our Certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Contract of co-operation with MAN B&W, the world's biggest manufacturer of 2-stroke ship engines, with the aim of developing hydraulic Bolt Tensioners for new designs. Certification by MAN B&W as authorized manufacturer for MAN B&W.


Erection of new manufacturing
premises with useful area of 1600m² on a ground of 7100m² at Erkelenz´ new industrial area GIPCO.

Start-up of manufacturing at the new head quarter in November. Expansion of the world wide net of agencies. In the meantime, some 40 employees are occupied.

Neues Firmengebäude - Fertigungshalle-1


Certified in conformity to DIN ISO 9001


Takeover by Mr Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Köllges,
longtime associate and agent of the company founder. Six people working in the company.

  • Continuous upgrading of the business activity, systematic enlargement of
    of the range of products
  • Enlargement of the design department and equipment with CAD working places
  • Enlargement of manufacturing capacity and depth
  • Erection of a manufacturing shop with useful area of 400m² at Erkelenz, southern industrial area.

Ralf Köllges



Founded at Erkelenz,
we develop and manufacture systems and products in the field of Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners, Hydraulic Nuts and accessories thereof and various Hydraulic High Pressure Tools, Hydraulic High Pressure Generators and Control Units. First applications of the axial tensioning of bolts and tie-rods are based on developments made by the founder of the company, Mr Martin Schaaf, mid of the 1950's.


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