10,000 sq.m. for high-pressure hydraulic technology up to 4000 bar
SCHAAF Germany

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Data and facts

  • Over 100 people are employed in the company
  • SCHAAF produces in three shifts – 24 hours, 6 days
  • Almost 100 % is produced in-house
  • 24-hour express delivery capability ensured for most parts
  • 95 % of all materials available from stock
  • On average, 1.9 tons of products leave the production location each day
  • 14 apprentices are employed in the company
  • 4 employees make use of flexible working time arrangements for further training as technicians or engineers
  • Since 1990 the location has increased by a factor of 20

Production Facilities

Development and design

Production area

Sealing technology centre


High-tech CNC milling centres

High-tech CNC milling centres

Electrical assembly

Hydraulic hose manufacturing

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The development of the SCHAAF logo

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