Sophisticated and flexible
SCHAAF‘s quality management is impressive throughout
the entire production process

An uncompromising company policy creates confidence
The company philosophy of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG is based on a stringent quality policy and a continuous improvement process pursued by the company management.
Clearly defined principles and quality objectives are firmly anchored in the company. These ensure that SCHAAF products and services fulfil national and international standards, statutory regulations and specific customer requirements.

All SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG’s company activities are centred around the customer. An excellent advisory service and precise determination of customer needs and requirements, with special attention to the field of application, are indispensable prerequisites for satisfying the customer and creating confidence.
Safety, proper operation, reliability, handling, capacity, health and environmental compatibility, comfort, design, material, delivery period, useful life, service and maintenance are essential parameters in endeavouring to offer the customers the best solution and to provide it quickly and flexibly.

Planned and tested:
Quality management creates a convincing quality image
In order to achieve the optimum for our customers and thus also ensure the continued existence and
success of the company, the SCHAAF company management focuses all corporate activities on the quality of the daily work, internal and external cooperation and of the products and services resulting from this.
The quality of all SCHAAF products is systematically planned, produced and tested. The quality management system, which is continuously updated and also monitored and evaluated by the company management, applies the SCHAAF quality principles and generates the company’s excellent quality image. SCHAAF high-quality products are only released for use and delivered to the customer when it has been proven that they fulfil the requirements.

SCHAAF personnel
Act in a quality-conscious manner – continuously improve
The SCHAAF personnel management is convinced that only qualified and quality-conscious employees can ensure a high level of efficiency in the development and manufacturing of products. The company management demands that each SCHAAF employee contributes towards achieving and safeguarding the corporate objectives.
The company is not content solely with achieving an objective, but endeavours to continuously improve thinking and acting.

Consequently, the company management gives each employee the freedom and training necessary to fulfil the specified requirements and to comply with the quality management system and also to work on improving the company as a whole all the time.

This creates lasting customer confidence in our ability to perform, which puts SCHAAF in a leading position and which – even in increasingly tight markets – ensures lasting job security.